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Seasoned Development Solutions is an international think tank whose key objective is to help organizations, development partners and government institutions in mainstreaming key sustainable development issues in development processes and programmes.

We do this through providing expert advice in the fields of sustainable development, disaster risk management, social protection programming, gender mainstreaming and also through the provision of cutting-edge technology solutions that address the ever-evolving development needs.
In addition to this, we also provide industry driven, relevant, tailored training events and programmes in the above-mentioned fields with the sole purpose of bridging knowledge gaps that derail the achievement of sustainable development.

Our vision is equitable Development, reduced vulnerability and gender equity.

Our mission is to promote equitable Development, reduced vulnerability and gender equity through the provision of cutting-edge technological solutions, capacity development, and pertinent expert advice.

Core Values

  1. Innovativeness: To address the ever-evolving developmental needs, we are up-to-date on trending margins, technologies and solutions as we aim to give our stakeholders the best.
  2. Transparency: We are upfront, open and straightforward in all our engagements with our stakeholders.
  3. Participation: We go all out so as to ensure that we leave no one behind as we work towards the realization of an equitable world.
  4. Responsiveness: As we strive to achieve our mission and vision, we strive towards serving all our stakeholders within a reasonable timeframe
  5. Efficiency and Effectiveness: – Our endeavor is to minimize the cost of achieving sustainable development objectives at the same time maximizing on desired effects.

Our goals as an organization are to play our part in:

  • The realization of a world where development is equitable across all nations and communities
  • The achievement of resilient communities whose vulnerability to disasters, natural and man-made shocks is reduced or completely nonexistent.
  • The realization of societies with gender equality and equity.