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Mainstreaming Environmental Sustainability in Evaluation

The crucial shift to a more risk-aware and ecologically sound approach to policy, strategy, and programming can be aided by evaluation. Understanding and acting on one's stake in the survival of people and the planet is what the phrase "skin in the game" refers to.

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Gender and Climate Change

Men and women are affected differently by climate change due to variations in their traditional roles, social norms, and livelihoods. Men and women have different social positions and obligations, which means they have different opportunities to incorporate climate change adaptation strategies into their lives. To effectively incorporate climate change into development activities, it is important to consider these distinctions.

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Child Protection in Emergencies

During natural and man-made disasters, war, or other crises, child safety in emergencies is about preventing and reacting to crime, harassment, exploitation, and neglect of children. Even after the initial crisis has ended, emergency situations will persist.

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Cash Transfer Programming for Humanitarian and Development Actors

CTP is a delivery system for assistance; it is not a field or program in and of itself. CTPs, such as large-scale, state-sponsored cash transfer schemes, can be planned with longer-term development goals in mind.

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