Disaster Risk Reduction

Despite international efforts, the increase in natural disaster damage and casualties is growing. Climate change and adaptation, as well as poverty reduction, inclusivity (of women, children, and other vulnerable groups), and sustainable development have all been described as critical factors for such a new disaster risk reduction system, as these are inextricably linked elements of disaster risk reduction. Since the community is the front line of disaster risk management, bottom-up disaster preparedness with an emphasis on enhanced resilience at the community level is critical. While the social and economic aspects of disaster management receive the most coverage, the socio-environmental aspect of vulnerability needs much more focus.

Seasoned Development Solutions understands the adverse effects of disaster risk reduction and in working towards addressing these and seeking to better understand these phenomena, we organize monthly and bi-monthly disaster risk reduction courses which include:

These trainings are both offered onsite in Nairobi and virtually using the Zoom platform. Groups of more than 10 people from the same organization are offered an understandable discount since we are always looking to build long-term relationships with clients and the communities they serve. You can click the respective links to know more about the courses or you can also send us an email to training@seasonedsolutions.co.ke for more details.

Registration can be done online and also by sending us an email.

Other Interesting Training Opportunities

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Seasoned Development Solutions is an international think tank whose key objective is to help organizations, development partners and government institutions in mainstreaming key sustainable development issues in development processes and programmes. We do this through providing expert advice in the fields of sustainable development, disaster risk management, social protection programming, gender mainstreaming and also through the provision of cutting-edge technology solutions that address the ever-evolving development needs. In addition to this, we also provide industry driven, relevant, tailored training events and programmes in the above-mentioned fields with the sole purpose of bridging knowledge gaps that derail the achievement of sustainable development.