Development Communication Training (Virtually and Onsite)

//Development Communication Training (Virtually and Onsite)
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Development is both a collaborative and communicative effort. For the political discussion and awareness-raising required to bring about social and institutional reforms, communication tools are essential. Along with increasing involvement, providing access to information is a key function of development cooperation. If vulnerable groups of the population are better informed, they will be able to assert their rights more consistently and more effectively employ state services to lift themselves out of poverty. Development Communication is a type of communication that allows people to have a say in projects, engage in them, and acquire a sense of ownership over them.

Communication, particularly in the context of development, is fundamental to rights-based approaches to development, which include the rights to receive information and have a voice, as well as freedom of information and media activities. Furthermore, good communication enables civil society organizations to benefit from networking possibilities as well as opportunities to lobby or campaign on specific concerns. Different communication tactics can also have an impact on policy decisions. A strategic approach to communications promotes project success while also providing a set of questions to aid in project planning and execution.


3 days


The individual cost for the onsite training workshop is USD 550 for individual participants and USD 350 for groups above 10 participants exclusive of 16% VAT.  Participants attending the training onsite will be responsible for their own travel expenses and arrangements, such as airport transfers (and visa application, where necessary), food and accommodation, health/accident insurance, and other personal expenses. The Virtual Cost of the training is USD 400 for individual participants and USD 250 for groups above 10 participants exclusive of 16% VAT. This covers the training fee, resource materials, and conference package.

Intended Attendees

The target groups are government staff and development practitioners responsible for communicating project successes and progress, NGO and civil society employees, and communication staff working in different sectors in the development sector.


Delivered through interactive lectures and case studies, this training aims to provide skills to technical staff to effective communication methodologies in an effort to demystify communication for development and to ensure there is the participation of all stakeholders throughout the project implementation and management cycle.


By the end of the training, participants will have a clear understanding of:

  • The background of development communication
  • Principles of development communication and communication for development
  • A proper guide on implementing development communications
  • Development communication strategy development
  • Incorporating development communication in the project life cycle

Detailed Course Description

For detailed course description and content write us an email at

Entry requirements

This course has beginners and advanced modules and Seasoned Development Solutions will advise individuals appropriately after reviewing their applications.

Post-training mentorship

All graduates of Seasoned Development Solutions are provided with dedicated coaches to accompany them after graduating including receiving recent and relevant journals, research, and benchmarking practices on topical issues in respective disciplines.


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