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Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning

//Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning
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Developing countries are struggling to adapt to Climate Change (CC) while the international community committed to stemming the gas emissions is wavering due to various self-interests. As lack of strong commitment to arresting this phenomenal problem persists, climate change impacts including drought, floods continue to ravage developing countries unabated resulting in food shortages, increases in vector-borne diseases, infrastructure damage and the degradation of natural resources. This situation is affecting mostly the rural folks who are defenseless with their only hope being governments and organizations that carry out development projects in rural and informal settlements in urban areas.

Climate change adaptation and development have to be addressed in an integrated way. Well, prepared development practitioners influence planning that their organizations advance leading to a greater adaptive capacity of people into the future. Therefore, there is a clear relationship between the adaptation of climate change, planning, and action. However, many development policies, plans, and projects currently do not take climate change into account due to a lack of awareness and clarity on how to effectively develop and integrate adaptation options.


5 days


The individual cost for the training workshop is USD 750 for individual participants and USD 650 for groups above 10 participants exclusive of 16% VAT. This covers the training fee, resource materials, and conference package. Participants will be responsible for their own travel expenses and arrangements, such as airport transfers (and visa application, where necessary), food and accommodation, health/accident insurance, and other personal expenses.

Intended Attendees

The target groups are humanitarian and development management practitioners, non-governmental workers and government staff.


This course aims to provide working knowledge and skills in the concept and practice of integrating adaptation into development planning and giving participants the ability to make more climate-resilient development choices.


At the end of this training you will be able to:

  • Explain the linkage between climate change, poverty, and development
  • Integrate steps in adaptation at national, sector, local and project levels,
  • Interrogate existing institutional capacities and formulate change process
  • Plan and mainstreaming adaptation to climate change in their institution and policy processes

Detailed Course Description

For detailed course description and content write us an email to training@seasonedsolutions.co.ke

Post-training mentorship

All graduates of SDS are provided with dedicated coaches to accompany them after completion of the training including receiving recent and relevant journals, research and benchmarking practices on topical issues in respective disciplines.

Entry requirements

This course has beginners and advanced modules and SDS will advise individuals appropriately after reviewing their applications.


To register, kindly send us an email to training@seasonedsolutions.co.ke Detailed training topics can be requested by writing to training@seasonedsolutions.co.ke

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