Project Evaluation Training (Virtually and Onsite)

//Project Evaluation Training (Virtually and Onsite)
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You can’t improve what you don’t evaluate! This course focuses on internal and external project evaluation and presents how these tools are used to measure and improve the performance of projects. Participants work step by step on designing and performing an evaluation. After reviewing key management issues required to design an evaluation plan (i.e., Results-Based Management and Project Cycle), participants focus on the main concepts in the field of project evaluation (i.e., founding principles, types, and criteria).

The course then presents the phases and the steps of the evaluation process.

During the first steps – the design phase-specific focus is given to the definition of the evaluation questions, the identification of the resources, the reasons leading to the choice of an external or/an internal evaluator, and finally, the preparation of the data collection.

As per the second phase – the conduction of the evaluation – participants work on how to organize the procedures for data collection, how to process and analyze data, and how to formulate recommendations that are feasible to implement. Finally, participants look into activities related to the communication and sharing of the findings, as well as the way to incorporate in the project documents the corrective management actions.


3 days


The individual cost for the training workshop is USD 450 for individual participants and USD 250 for groups above 10 participants, exclusive of 16% VAT. This covers the training fee, resource materials, and conference package. Participants attending the training onsite will be responsible for travel expenses and arrangements, such as airport transfers (and visa application, where necessary), food and accommodation, health/accident insurance, and other personal expenses.

Intended Attendees

The application to the course is open to candidates that have previously followed the module on Planning, Programming, and Monitoring projects (5 days). Exceptionally, and in condition to the approval of Seasoned Development Solutions, the course is also open to participants with advanced project management skills.

This course is recommended for:

  • Project/Programme evaluators
  • Project/Programme managers
  • Key field staff involved in monitoring, review, and/or evaluation
  • Managers supervising project evaluation-related activities
  • People who wish to join the not-for-profit sector
  • Consultants working for NGOs


This course is delivered through interactive lectures, case studies and simulation to provide technical staff competency and skills to create cutting-edge humanitarian supply chain systems in their organizations.


At the end of the course, participants are able to assess the opportunity, and design, and plan an internal or/and external project evaluation.

Detailed Course Description

For detailed course description and content, write us an email at

Post-training mentorship

All SDSL participants who successfully complete the training are provided with dedicated coaches to accompany them after completion of the training, including receiving recent and relevant journals, research, and benchmarking practices on topical issues in their respective disciplines.

Entry requirements

This course has beginners and advanced modules, and SDS will advise individuals appropriately after reviewing their applications.


To register, kindly send us an email to Detailed training topics can be requested by writing to

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