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Change in Tact

We have redefined our approach to service delivery. We have Re-evaluated our approach in providing products whose aim is to reduce people’s vulnerability. Our previous approach was restrictive in specifically offering training products and to this end, we are expanding our portfolio to include:

Humanitarian and Development Projects Support

Under this, we will focus on:

  • Program Inception
    • Proposal development
    • Donor Profiling
    • Needs Analysis
  • Program Initiation
    • Baseline Evaluation
      • Data Collection with a bias on mobile data collection
      • Data Analysis
      • Data Management
      • Data Interpretation
    • Participatory Planning
    • Community Engagement
    • Stakeholder Mapping and Management
    • Public and Private Sector Partnerships and Management
    • Donor requirements and Conforming to them
  • Project Monitoring
    • Data Collection, Management, Analysis, interpretation, and use
    • Technology and project monitoring
      • Use of GIS in project mapping and monitoring
    • Mid-term evaluation
      • Participatory Evaluation
    • Project Evaluation
      • End-term/end-line evaluation
      • Project closure
      • Report writing
      • Donor Reporting

Disaster Risk Management Consulting

  • Pre Disaster Phase
    • Contingency Planning
    • Risk Mapping
    • Use of GIS in risk mapping
    • Evacuation Planning
    • Vulnerability Assessment
      • Use of Social protection and cash transfer programming
    • Disaster logistics planning
    • Disaster Preparedness
      • Modeling for disaster preparedness
    • Early warning systems and disaster forecasting
    • Emergency Planning Management
    • Community Disaster Planning
      • Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction/ Management

During Disaster

  • Disaster response and coordination
  • Stakeholder Management in response
  • Child Protection in emergencies
  • Evacuation and shelter management
  • Humanitarian Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • Emergency Management and Organizational behavior

Climate Change Adaptation Management

Climate change is a global issue that will have impacts on the natural environment, economy, and societies. The impacts on the natural environment include changes in the global hydrological cycle, global warming, and, consequently, the intensification of extreme weather events. In particular, extreme precipitation or intensified rainfall, triggering floods and landslides, may destroy residential areas, which could pose a serious threat to societies. Economic impacts include a decrease in agricultural production and threats to human life and property. The social impacts refer to forced changes in lifestyle and therefore the adjustment of public policies and environmental education programs. Facing up to the change of the climate system, mitigation and adaptation are two equally important responses in the sustainable development domain.

“Mitigation” means a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in various sectors such as industries, commerce, and households. “Adaptation” focuses on reducing the vulnerability (or increasing the resilience) of human and natural systems to the impacts of climate change through adjusting lifestyles or societal structures. From the perspectives of the environmental, economic, and social dimensions that boost sustainable development, mitigation mainly applies to economic or technological measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Adaptation, alternatively, is intended to increase the resilience of societies to the damage caused by climate change through social or educational instruments.

  • Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation and resilience
  • Climate Change Adaptation Mainstreaming in Development
  • Gender integration in Climate Change
  • Climate change vulnerability assessment
  • Ecosystem Based Adaptation and Management

Social Protection Programming

  • Social Protection policy analysis
  • Poverty Analysis
  • Cash transfers
  • Social Protection and safety net program monitoring and evaluation
  • Livelihoods support
  • Social Accountability

Capacity Enhancement and Development

This department offers training in our three core focus areas:

  • Humanitarian and Development Programs Support
  • Disaster Risk Management Consulting
  • Climate Change Adaptation Management

We offer everything as solutions in themselves but they can be combined with training or the training can be offered separately.