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Training and Capacity Development

As the world progresses, so do our needs as communities. These bring along varied challenges that need addressing if we have to achieve sustainable development as set out in the post-2015 development agenda.
To ensure that this happens, as an organization, working with qualified, hands-on consultants in our fields of specialization, we offer training and capacity building services in the fields of:

  • Sustainable Development Mainstreaming
  • Gender development and inequality issues and their mainstreaming
  • Information Technology solutions acquisition, installation and use (GIS, Data Management Softwares etc)
  • Disaster Risk Management (Mitigation, Contingency Planning, Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Reconstruction
  • Environmental Conservation (Climate change mitigation and adaptation, ecosystem management…)

Expert Advice Provision and Professional guidance

Different organizations seeking to address the 16 core components of sustainable development have rolled out programmes in these areas. As an organization, we seek to offer support to these organizations through offering expert advice key being in the fields of disaster risk reduction, social protection, gender inequality, development and mainstreaming and IT systems development.
This will be informed by a critical understanding of specific organization goals and objectives, programmes rolled out, intended impact of actions taken and an overall understanding of core components of the specific programmes.
In actualization, the same will be achieved through provision of professional consultancy services, seminars, and workshops, lectures, brainstorming sessions, webinars, conferences and key note speeches in different forums.

IT Systems Development

Technological advancement is a critical part of the future. To solve some of these challenges we face as a society, SDS will roll out the development of IT solutions (mobile and pc apps, data centers, websites, etc.) that will ease the manner in which some of these challenges are approached, undertaken and solved. For example, we will develop IT based solutions that will help in the sharing of gender based violence data, disaster risk reduction vulnerabilities; social protection programmes coverage development indicators, gaps and challenges among many others.
This will be done through strategic collaborations with other development actors like the World Bank, IMF, ACLED, CKAN among other platforms that host this important information.