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Social Protection and Safety Nets Programmes

Social Protection and Safety Nets Programmes

Following independence, the country’s first president was focused on three goals: the eradication of extreme poverty, illiteracy, and extreme hunger. This was necessary because Kenyans had been regarded as second-class citizens at the time and in the colonial regime, increasing their vulnerability and exposure to the three issues. However, this goal was not met at the time, and subsequent governments have attempted to resolve these concerns by including them in development plans and policies.

The government’s commitment to providing for marginalized communities who are unable to meet their basic needs, such as women, children, the elderly, and youth, was enshrined in the new Kenyan constitution, which was promulgated in 2010. “No society will achieve social stability if large sections of the population live in abject poverty,” Kenya’s economic roadmap (Vision 2030) asserts. Many social policies across Kenya’s government ministries focus on reducing insecurity and poverty. Kenyans benefit from social security and safety net programs, which help to reduce their vulnerability.

The National Social Protection Policy, drafted in 2011, emphasizes the importance of this by providing a structure to direct the design, implementation, and national oversight of social protection programs in the country. Between 2005 and 2010, Kenya’s social security spending increased from Ksh 33.4 billion to Ksh 57.1 billion, or 2.28 percent of GDP in 2010. Our training workshop in Social Protection and Safety Nets will examine these programs, as well as their entire operations and deployment, in order to better understand and replicate their effectiveness while correcting any flaws identified in lessons learned.

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