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Legal Consultancy Services

Seasoned Development Solutions offers the following legal consulting services

Conveyancing(Real property)

Our firm offers strategic and useful advice to clients across the globe on land sale or purchase, conveyancing, commercial and residential development, leaseholds, licensing, capital financing, complex development structuring, and partnerships.

Human Resource Law (Mostly on compliance by companies)

Our firm offers advice on regulating the hiring, evaluation, promotion, and firing of employees in your company. These laws and regulations allow your company to administer fair and equal treatment to all your employees to avoid lawsuits.

Commercial law

In addition to other services relating to the rights, relationships, and behavior of people and businessesĀ engaged in commerce, merchandise sales, trade, and sales, our consultancy firm offers advice in business registration, insolvency, mergers, competition, contracts, and other related areas.

Family Law: (adoption, divorce, succession, etc.)

Seasoned Development Solutions offers legal services involving family relationships, including marriage, adoption, divorce, child custody, and succession.

Taxation Law

Seasoned offers legal advice on the different issues related to tax law, including payment of the different types of taxes, tax litigation, incentives, and exemptions.